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As passionate about your business as you are

Only one business matters. Yours. That’s why Scania products can be custom-built to fit your unique operational needs. So whether you carry heavy loads across continents, load timber on a gravel road or operate city transportation, there’s a Scania that keeps your profitability rolling.


Meeting Your Needs

Fit For Purpose


Scania trucks deliver productivity and reliability, along with excellent fuel and total operating economy.

Tailored solutions for your business

Scania cares as much about your business as you do – no matter which operation you're in. When you partner with Scania you won’t get standard one-size-fits-all kind of vehicle; you’ll get tailor-made solutions designed specifically for your needs.

Long Distance
Keep it moving

Keep it moving

Scania's rugged and reliable distribution vehicles are renowned for excellent fuel efficiency, while meeting increasingly demanding emissions regulations.

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Keep it moving

Reliability from A to B

Scania products are custom-made, with tailored services to help keep your business in motion and to maximise total operating economy.

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Best by some distance

Best by some distance

Scania's longhaul trucks deliver more than just cargo. They combine high-quality, cutting-edge technology with unique customisation options. When you choose Scania you get prestige, comfort, reliability, sustainability and total operating economy.

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Hard working trucks

Hard working trucks

Your business needs trucks that are tough and hard-working. At Scania, we build trucks to your precise specifications that meet the most challenging of conditions, while delivering exceptional fuel economy and value for money.

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“We will continue to broaden our efforts to become the leader in sustainable transport.”

Henrik Henriksson

President and CEO, Scania AB


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