We know every Scania inside out, and service thousands of vehicles new and old. With our maintenance contracts you have a 'home' workshop with a service team that builds a thorough knowledge of your vehicles, plus access to Scania's worldwide maintenance network.

Key features
Key benefits

• All maintenance costs are covered throughout the contract 

• Flexible, tailored to your needs

• One ‘home’ workshop nearest to you

• Scania Diagnos fault-tracing system

• A flat monthly fee, or a one-off payment

• Auxiliary equipment, including: refrigeration units, tail lifts, crane and loading equipment, power take-off units

• Overtime/night and weekend servicing

• Legal inspections

• Tachograph servicing

• Vehicle pick-up and delivery 

• Flexible Plans maximising uptime for your operations


Our detailed maintenance plans are proactive and preventive. We make a note of our inspection results in your maintenance report, along with any advice and recommendations, and we’ll suggest repair dates if necessary.


Scania maintenance plans are tailored to your operational needs. Each plan maximises business efficiency and availability – whatever your application. Using operational real-time vehicle data, we custom-fit our flexible maintenance plans to each vehicle. 

the longest possible intervals

With the possibility to create flexible maintenance plans the right balance between reliability and availability is always achieved. Between each maintenance occasion, we automatically download vehicle data and if there is a need for it, the maintenance plan will be adjusted.


"The total maintenance solution Scania provides offers considerable operational benefits with a complete overview of all our servicing and maintenance needs."

John Larosa

Tesco Regional Engineer, Goole, UK