Scania 140 Bracelet

King of the road. Reborn.

A bracelet made from the legendary LB 140 engine

When the LB-140 V8 engine was released in 1969 – it changed motoring history through sheer horsepower. Mountains could be scaled as if they were mere hills. Two day drives could now be made in one. All with a confident and unmistakable rumble.

This bracelet is a celebration of that legacy. Made with iron from a decommissioned 140 engine block. An engine beyond repair – brought back home, cut apart, melted down, and given new purpose.

That purpose is for you to wear a piece of motoring history on your wrist. And to remind us all that even though we constantly push innovation forward, we will never forget where we come from. To literally let our legacy meet our future – the Scania Edition Apple Watch.


The making of a cast iron bracelet

A watch bracelet made from cast iron was unheard of – until now. And there's a reason for that. Cast iron oxidizes. It ages, and takes on a patina that will keep aging every day it's worn. That is what makes it such a beautiful raw material. Our history has not come to an end, and neither has the story of this bracelet.

The soul of the material comes through in its surface imperfections. But just like with a pair of raw denim jeans, it does come at a price. The oxidation might temporarily stain your skin, or your shirt cuff. But it's exactly that which makes it special – that makes us want to wear it instead of something made of industrial grade stainless steel. You can wash away a stain, but you can't add a true heritage to something that has none.    

How history becomes story

Any worthwhile process is bound to have obstacles. Especially if you want to create something with integrity. Those obstacles do however make the end result even more gratifying. For a peek into the production process – and some of the bumps in the road along the way – go ahead and take a look at our behind the scenes video below. 

Buy the Scania 140 Bracelet

Buy the Scania 140 Bracelet

The bracelet is only available for purchase through Scania, and being created from a limited amount of the cast iron raw material – they are naturally limited in quantity. To order, contact a Scania parts retailer or follow the link below. Available for purchase 2016-07-15.

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The Scania Edition of the Apple Watch covers what's important on the road with two new apps. One that watches over the truck, and one for the driver.

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