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A Living Cargo

A Living Cargo

Livestock Transport


When you carry a living, breathing cargo, a healthy payload means a healthy business. Our custom-fit solutions will help you find the perfect balance between uptime, productivity and driveability – plus meet the strict requirements of your industry. It’s all in the details.


Maximise time on the road


Total vehicle efficiency

Driver's experience

Better driving, working, resting

Tailored for the only business that matters. Yours.

Driver's Experience

Loads kept on the road

There’s a great deal at stake when transporting livestock. Scania minimises unplanned downtime so you can safeguard the crucial well-being and value of your payload, while avoiding heavy penalties.

Maintenance contract with flexible plans

How every truck is used can differ over time. That’s why Scania services them individually. Our new standard for maintenance contracts analyses vehicle data to pinpoint what needs servicing and when. For further flexibility, preventive replacements of components, such as alternators or batteries, can be added at a monthly rate which is extremely important when carrying a living cargo. 

Scania Assistance

Scania Assistance also uses remote diagnostics to shorten downtime. If you can’t come to the workshop, then the workshop can come to you. Wherever you are, Scania Assistance is available at any time every single day of the year. Just one call will put you in touch with a service coordinator who knows your Scania and speaks your language. 


Power outages can be very frustrating. With our new 150-amp alternator the charge current will be higher than the load, even when idling. This also allows for a smaller battery – saving weight for payload. LED lamps with a longer service life are another simple way of avoiding annoying downtime.


Boosting productivity is more than just a matter of maximising payload. Scania believes that even though a larger payload will earn you more money, the additional value will be lost if your truck is hard to manoeuvre. That’s why we safeguard your productivity by taking every aspect into consideration. For example:

Mount 5th wheel -82 kg

Choose the direct mounted fifth wheel and add 82 kg to the payload. 

Disc brakes -51 kg per axle

Choose disc brakes instead of drum brakes and gain 51 kg per axle.  

Aluminium tanks -1 kg per 10l

Aluminium fuel tanks save 1 kg weight per 10 l volume. And aluminium air tanks add another 13 kg on the plus side. 


It goes without saying that experienced drivers are a good investment. Because they have the biggest impact on operating costs such as fuel, repairs and tyres. And in your particular case – on the well-being and value of your cargo.

Driveability and comfort

Scania trucks have the highest torque-to-power ratio on the market, with class-leading handling and stability as well. One important addition is the state-of-the-art Electro hydraulic power Steered Tag axle (EST), another is the improved driver environment and interface.

Drivers’ station

Drivers are bound to spend a great deal of time in their trucks. Ensuring that cabs are the best possible workplaces will surely pay off when it comes to motivation and performance. The new Scania offers improved visibility and extensive ergonomic support in terms of seat and steering wheel adjustments, as well as new options for living and resting in the cab.

Brake efficiency

Disc brakes with an Electronically-controlled Brake System (EBS) improve both safety and payload. New brake callipers will improve braking distance. The Scania brake pads consist of a unique friction material which ensures maximum service life with consistent braking behaviour. A retarder helps increase the life of the service brakes.




The hard facts

You can’t put a price on value. When you visit your local Scania dealer they’ll convert the hard facts about your business into figures that show how you can cut costs as well as increase your revenues. Here’s an idea of what they might show you.

Driveability & Comfort

Scania vehicles are both robust and reliable, with good handling and stability. If your livestock cargo is due for the slaughterhouse, calm and stable transportation is of the utmost importance in reducing the risk of stress and injuries amongst the animals.

Injured animals are disposed of upon arrival, which results in a loss of income.    

Average weight of calves: 320 kg
Value approximately: 3.5 € / kg

This means that if you reduce stress and injuries in your payload, you can avoid a revenue loss of 1,120 € / animal.

You can, of course, look at things from a negative point of view and measure downtime in penalties of 50–250 euros per missed delivery, or a potential cost for roadside assistance of around 500 euros per stop. On the other hand, you can look at it in terms of the revenues that the increase in utilisation will generate.

Knowing the history of the vehicle enables us to diagnose it more accurately and reduce the risk of unnecessary service days. A well-planned repair and maintenance contract has been proved to save up to two unplanned workshop stops during a three-year contract.

Revenue per transport: 630 €
Increase in revenue: 2 x 630 € = 1,260 € over three years

There are several ways of reducing the weight of an unloaded vehicle, which enables the payload – and likewise the revenue – to increase proportionally. The following example shows the resulting revenue increase after decreasing the chassis weight by 200 kilos.

A reduction that you can achieve by opting for aluminium rims, a directly mounted fifth wheel and a four-rear spring air suspension:

  • Decrease in chassis weight: 200 kg
  • Number of transports per year: 100 Revenue: 0.06 € / kg
  • Increase in revenue: 200 kg x 0.06 € / kg x 100
  • Transports a yea = 1,200€/year

Configure your truck

With a wealth of choices and an array of modular configurations, you can tailor your truck to fit your trucking life. Make it Scania.

Configure your truck

Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your business.