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The Scania V8 truck range makes a bold and confident statement on the road. This top-of-the-range Scania cab can be equipped to the highest standards for operators who demand the most practical and prestigious vehicle.


Choose your power

With the broadest range on the market, Scania offers almost endless possibilities of finding a powertrain that fits your needs perfectly.


Output Torque Fuel Emission technology Engine PTO
530 hp
2800 Nm
800 Nm
590 hp
3050 Nm
800 Nm
660 hp
3300 Nm
800 Nm
770 hp
3700 Nm
800 Nm

The New Scania

Opticruise gearbox

Scania’s new Opticruise G33CM gearbox features improved and speedy gearshifting in combination with better fuel consumption and excellent comfort. After six years of development and testing, we are introducing a gearbox with plenty of new technologies, such as variable oil volume, improved gear lubrication by oil spray function and a wider gear spread.

Thanks to significantly reduced internal losses, and thereby improved energy efficiency, the G33CM itself offers fuel savings of one percent. The weight has been reduced by 60 kg to be used for increased payload. Additionally, it provides higher uptime with an oil change interval of up to one million km. All this to ensure that your total operating economy is optimised. 

Scania opticruise gearbox

DRIVEABILITY - Better driveability is achieved with a wider gear ratio spread, which includes super crawler and overdrive, that match Scania’s low rev engine philosophy.

REVERSING - Instead of a reversing gear, a planetary gear is used for reversing. This solution enables having eight gears for going in reverse at speeds up to 30 km/h. (This is useful when, for instance, tipper trucks need to reverse for long distances.)

RETARDER - The retarder on the G33CM has also been updated and improved and can now deliver 4700 Nm torque at a propeller shaft speed below 600 rpm.

PTO - With the Scania Opticruise gearbox, a new PTO programme with nine different performance steps is introduced. Higher torque and gear ratio improves the overall performance of bodywork equipment. Lower noise levels and reduced fuel consumption is the result of higher gear ratio, which allows lower engine speeds.

The new Scania Opticruise gearbox G33CM is available for all V8 engines up to 660 hp as well as the high-out­put 13-litre 500 and 540 hp engines.

Information about the gearbox for the 770 hp V8 can be found under Specification on the Our range pages.  

Rear axle gears

Scania’s rear axle range offers a robust and weight optimised design with a wide variety of gears and ratios, so you can find the optimal solution for your operation. All gears are offered with differential locks.

Single driven
Tandem driven

Axle configuration and chassis height

Front, rear, fixed and steered tag axles – Scania can match the requirements of any application. The V8 can be teamed with a wide range of chassis configurations with different heights.

4x2 Chassis height: Extra low, low, normal, high

4x4 Chassis height: High

6x2 Chassis height: Normal

6x2/2 Chassis height: Normal

6x2 pusher

6x2/4 Chassis height: Normal, low

6x2 twin-steer

6x4 Chassis height: Normal, high

6x6 Chassis height: High

4x2 Chassis height: Low, normal, high

4x4 Chassis height: High

6x2 Chassis height: Low, normal

6x2/2 Chassis height: Normal

6x2 pusher

6x2/4 Chassis height: Normal

6x2 twin-steer

6x2*4 Chassis height: Low, normal

6x4 Chassis height: Normal, high

6x6 Chassis height: High

8x2 Chassis height: Normal

8x2*6 Chassis height: Low, normal

8x2 rear-steer

8x2/4 Chassis height: Normal

8x2 twin-steer

8x4 Chassis height: Normal, high

8x4*4 Chassis height: Normal

8x4 rear-stear

10x4*6 Chassis height: Normal

10x4 rear-steer

Premium chassis and bodywork

Our bodybuilder portal give you all the tools and information you need to develop a bodywork design that will be quick and cost-effective to build and fit. Here you'll find a valuable array of instructions, drawings and details about bodywork equipment, tools, certificates and online tutorials.

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