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Temperature Controlled Transport


Carry more, both there and back – the aim is always perfect payload optimisation. But with tougher competition and tighter margins, it’s s a real challenge. Scania offers tailor-made solutions that always get you the best results.


Maximise time on the road

Fuel Efficiency

Save more, go further


Total vehicle efficiency

Tailored for the only business that matters. Yours.

Fuel Efficiency

Always on time

You’re vital to the supply chain. And when somebody else is waiting to pick up your cargo, you cannot afford to be late – or out of action. We know that your business belongs on the road. Here are a few of the services we offer to help you keep it there:

Remote diagnostics

If an unplanned stop occurs, we can diagnose the vehicle and provide the driver with immediate instructions, either guiding them to the nearest workshop or instructing them to stay put and wait for Scania Assistance. With data from the vehicle, we’ll prepare all the necessary spare parts ahead of their arrival – shortening downtime.

Scania Assistance

If a road-side stand-still prevents you from coming to the workshop, then the workshop can come to you. Scania Assistance is available at any time, every single day of the year in emergency situations. Just one call will put you in touch with a service coordinator who knows your Scania and speaks your language. Scania Assistance also uses remote diagnostics to shorten the downtime.

Scania Fleet Care

Regardless of brand or age, Scania Fleet Care will look after your whole fleet and make sure each vehicle is performing at peak condition. Your personal fleet manager will organise every maintenance stop with minimum disruption. Our expert analysts track the data from your business and workshop so you can tackle the root causes of unplanned stops and improve your fleet availability.

Waste not, want not.

While some see their level of fuel consumption as an unalterable reality, we see it as a challenge. A fuel-efficient approach will save you money. If you’re working on fixed contracts, the way to increase revenues is to reduce costs rather than increase earnings with bigger payloads.


The new generation comes with improved roof and side air deflectors, as well as an improved cab front design that reduces air drag. This is only a sample of the aerodynamic improvements that the new generation has to offer; advancements that will enhance your fuel economy.

Engine improvements

Our engines are already renowned for their fuel efficiency. Now they’re even better, with improved radiators as well as enhanced injectors and combustion chambers. The new 2.35 rear axle ratio also cuts fuel consumption by reducing engine speed. 

Scania Opticruise

The new and improved Opticruise will not only relieve your driver of all gear-changing en route, it will also save fuel. Opticruise is designed to adapt to the environment by taking factors such as road inclination, trailer weight and engine characteristics into account. 

More of everything

We understand the importance of keeping you on the road. Every single choice you make, no matter how small it might seem, all adds up in the end. We can help you make the most of your choices.

Weight optimisation

Making smart choices about weight-optimisation when tailoring your truck is key to increasing flexibility. 

Volume optimisation

By literally lying low, you can make room for a bigger payload. Choosing a low chassis, small tyres and lowering the position of the fuel tank will enable you to carry a higher load – increasing your productivity.

Fleet control

Including functions such as fleet positions, vehicle tracking and geofencing, Scania’s fleet management services enables you to monitor and control your fleet in the most productive way possible. Get access to real time-data and long-term trends for valuable insights on how to improve driving styles, productivity and economy.

Configure your truck

With a wealth of choices and an array of modular configurations, you can tailor your truck to fit your trucking life. Make it Scania.

Configure your truck

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