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At Scania, perfection is a process of constant improvement. In the game of improving overall energy efficiency, we leave no stone unturned. The outcome of this is award-winning results. Improved engine technology, decreased air drag and rolling resistance paired with smart services and helpful tools bring you a fuel economy like no other, regardless of your operations.

At Scania, vehicle design is an ongoing process. The award-winning vehicles available today are the result of nearly a century of careful engineering, and of fine tuning even the smallest details in terms of aerodynamics and ergonomics. No stone has been left unturned in our quest for the optimal vehicle, from the grille to the tail lights. In fact, even the underside of the vehicle has been improved to minimise unwanted turbulence and drag.

The Scania modular combustion concept has been developed to maximise your potential for fuel efficiency, reduce your carbon emissions and give you generous torque. We take great pride in our ambition to always keep one step ahead in terms of engine technology, and we develop all key components in-house.

We consider all aspects when it comes to improving your fuel economy

There is no universal solution when it comes to boosting energy efficiency. Maintaining a close relationship with our customers enables us to tailor individual solutions and make smart choices all the way from hardware to software. With a century of engineering experience, paired with knowledge and insights gained from over 400,000 connected Scania vehicles, we combine the strength of technical specifications with the smartness of optimised services. The result has been proved to raise your fuel economy and reduce your costs.

ACTIVE PREDICTION WITH EcoROLL – Active Prediction uses the GPS to foresee the topography ahead and adjust the gears and cruise speed accordingly. By making smart calculations all the way, this is proven to provide efficient support for your driver, saving up to 2% in fuel.

OPTICRUISE GEARBOX – This automated gear changing system is proven to reduce fuel consumption and improve driver comfort, saving the need to watch revs and change gears. The Opticruise gearbox offers four performance modes (Standard, Eco, Power and Off-road) and enables drivers to focus on their surroundings.

SCANIA DRIVER SUPPORT – A real-time system offering your drivers instant feedback on safety and fuel economy as well as a full summary after the assignment is completed.

SUPPORT YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET – Your drivers are the single most important asset in improving fuel economy and minimising downtime. With this in mind, we have developed a series of services and tools to support them. Scania Driver Training and Coaching are proven to benefit new as well as more experienced drivers, and can easily be tailored after your specific needs.

SCANIA DRIVER TRAINING AND COACHING – Available with different focus areas, the Scania Driver Training and optional Coaching help your drivers perform at their best, leading to increased road safety, improved fuel economy and a lower environmental footprint.

DRIVER EVALUATION TOOL – Follow-up and feedback is key to identifying and targeting possible improvements in the driving pattern. The Driver Evaluation Tool analyses and compares each trip to other trips made by drivers in similar conditions. The driving pattern is then rated based on parameters such as idling, coasting and anticipation, giving your driver valuable feedback on how to improve through the Fleet Management App and in the online portal.


Slow down from 90 km/h to 80 km/h.


Save fuel by coasting for 20% of each long-haul journey.


Axle alignment, tyre pressure, air deflector adjustment – keep your truck as fuel-efficient as possible with Scania expert services.

The greenest truck on the market

Receiving the GREEN TRUCK AWARD for the third time in a row, our vehicles continue to excel in terms of sustainability and are considered the greenest on the market.


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