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The next step for Scania’s new truck generation:

Scania on the offensive in the construction segment

  • XT leads the way when Scania increases the breadth and depth of its offering
  • Several day and sleeper cabs in R, G and P versions with different roof heights
  • Axles, frames and wheel suspensions for challenging conditions
  • Clutch pedal for Scania Opticruise – but only where necessary
  • Electric parking brake one of many examples of new options
  • Scania’s focus on tailor-made solutions for each application increases uptime and the earning capacity of construction hauliers who have to cope with tough challenges.

Scania continues the introduction of its new, acclaimed truck generation – the time has now come to introduce products and services with a particular focus on construction vehicles. Scania is moving its lines forward and is marking this with the Scania XT, a robust design that caters, in terms of both appearance and function, mainly to those customers who carry out the most challenging tasks with the toughest demands in terms of uptime, productivity and robustness.

Scania XT: A clear signal of Scania’s intent to take a bigger share of the construction market.

“The Scania XT is characterised by conspicuous attributes such as an extremely robust front, while also being a clear signal of our ambitions for growth in the construction segment,” says Anders Lampinen, Segment Director, Construction, Scania Trucks.

“Three or four years ago we launched an offensive at the European level in which Scania gradually positioned itself as a strong player in the construction sector as well.”

The position Scania has built up on the market is the starting point for the introduction of construction vehicles in the new truck generation. Scania is now providing a range of products and services tailored to construction hauliers’ applications – the customers who in all aspects have the toughest challenges and the tightest margins to contend with.

Scania Maintenance with Flexible Plans is a unique service that ensures precisely the right maintenance as well as increased vehicle availability.
The new configurations give construction customers what they are looking for.

The introduction of Scania’s new generation began in autumn 2016 with solutions for 11 applications for long-distance operations. With the introduction of the Scania XT series, P, G and R cabs in the day version, leaf springs and features such as double-drive bogies, construction hauliers now have access to all the eagerly awaited configurations they need to deal with the various challenges they face in their assignments on a daily basis.

“We know that there is a great deal of interest in the new truck generation,” Lampinen says. “It has been well received, and of course construction customers have been longing for the new day cabs, more engine options and the typical 6x4 or 8x4 configurations they need. Interest is also strengthened by the fact that we at Scania so clearly prioritise a close partnership with our customers, always putting their ability to achieve sustainable profitability foremost.”

For further information, please contact:
Anders Lampinen, Product Director, Construction, Scania Trucks
Phone: +46 73 655 04 48, email:

Örjan Åslund, Head of Product Affairs, Scania Trucks
Phone: +46 70 289 83 78, email: