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Scania launches Fleet Care with Uptime Guarantee

Scania now extends its service Fleet Care, which enables bus operators to fully focus on providing passenger services while Scania ensures timely maintenance and repairs. This service is now being broadened with the introduction of Scania Fleet Care with Uptime Guarantee.

The new service additionally focuses on maintaining uptime. Operators can select the uptime they wish to uphold in a given time frame. City bus operators might, for example, opt for 100 percent uptime Mondays through Fridays from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Scania will then ensure that maintenance and repairs are carried out on weekday evenings and nights as well as during weekends. Occasional services operators might instead prioritise the peak summer season, opting for 100 percent seasonal uptime while limiting engagement during other months.

“We are giving operators a wide choice in selecting the hours that really matter for them, namely those generating revenue,” says Claes Åkerlund, Head of Scania Service Concepts. “The service can be precisely tailored to their business and when their operational needs are greatest.”

Each Fleet Care with Uptime Guarantee contract will thus be tailored and discussed individually. Scania will continuously monitor uptime and provide automatic compensation for any deviation from the agreed terms. 

The dedicated fleet manager at Scania will take full responsibility for planning maintenance, preventive repairs and other repairs. The manager will have full overview of the customer fleet and plan workshop action to meet the uptime requirements.

“The advantage for bus operators is that they can dimension fleet sizes precisely to transport needs, thereby avoiding costly surplus capacity as a safeguard for unplanned disruptions.”

Scania Fleet Care with Uptime Guarantee is available for all bus bodies with Scania chassis. The Fleet Care service was first introduced in 2014 and is now actively employed around the world, for example by bus operators in Bulgaria, Chile, Norway and Spain.

For further information, please contact:

Claes Åkerlund, Head of Scania Service Concepts
Phone: +46 8 553 894 07, email:

Anton Gustafsson, Product Manager Scania Fleet Care
Phone: +46 8 553 816 38, email: