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CrewCab to the test

The crew’s sneak peek

When Scania wanted to put a new fire truck cab to the test, it drew on the experience of a group of working firefighters.

Scania is the first choice at most fire stations in Sweden. “It’s partly because of the crash tests; we can’t compromise with safety when we are working to save other people’s lives,” says Henrik Jarméus, Manager at Södertörns Brandförsvar in Södertälje.


Jarméus and his colleagues were given the opportunity to try out the new CrewCab before it was launched, and a first peek at the camouflaged CrewCab seemed to brighten a grey and rainy day for the firefighters.

Scania new crewcab have enough space for the crew with full gear
Validating the ergonomics of the new crew cab with a crew of fire fighters.


Södertälje firefighters Samori William, Stefan Rosén, Joel Rang, Asbjörn Bing and Henrik Jarméus were eager to try out the new CrewCab, under the watchful eye of an ergonomics expert from Scania Technical Centre. “We need the opinions of professionals using the CrewCab in their everyday life,” says Daniel Lundkvist at Scania Vehicle Ergonomics.

“Everyone has their own way of getting in and out of the truck,” says Jarméus. “It becomes a habit.”

Better visibility

Rang discovers that with the new cab it’s easy to close the door quickly when you grasp the handle. “The handle is necessary when getting up fast with heavy gear,” he says.

Bing uses the handles to climb, which makes the process of getting in and out of the ­CrewCab smoother. “It is also a way of keeping our bodies healthy while carrying air tubes and other equipment on our backs,” he says.

Meanwhile William and Rosén try out the seatbelts. “The cab feels more airy,” Rosén says. “The indoor volume is greater,” says William. They also comment that they have better visibility through the windscreen than in their present truck.

Smart solutions

Next Rosén, William and Rang try out the new bench, designed to make it easier to sit comfortably while on a mission. “We can sit straight even though we are carrying all the equipment on our backs,” William comments.

“Some of the new solutions are really smart, like the light on the stairs,” says Jarméus as he climbs into the CrewCab. “It really helps in some weather conditions.”

“Our main fire truck is a Scania,” he continues. “It is always on call and is suitable for most emergencies, whether it is a fire or a car accident.”

The alarm goes off and the four firefighters as well as the manager get into the truck, and it is put to the test.

“So far, we are all very happy with the quality,” Jarméus says. With 1,500 emergencies each year in the Södertälje area, that’s important.

Customise your crewcab

Scania’s CrewCab can be ordered with all versions of Scania’s DC09 and DC13 engines, combined with either Allison automatic gearboxes or Scania’s own automated gearboxes with Scania Opticruise. Slighter larger solutions with an electrically steered third tag axle (6×2*4) can be ordered directly from the factory as well.