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Innovative Streamline

Smart styling gets Scania in better shape than ever

Scania Streamline blends style and function in shaping an aesthetically exciting truck with unrivalled fuel economy and better acoustic performance.

Patented deflector lips

Scania G 450 4×2 Streamline, Highline cab.

The new cab corners permit a smooth airflow onto the cab sides with minimum resistance. However, some turbulence is needed to keep dirt and spray off the door handles. The solution is a patented deflector lip just above the headlights. The lip includes a duct that generates the right amount of swirl. The air enters above the light unit and is forced to swirl to create an anti-spray barrier. The detailed shape is adapted to the different heights of the G- and R-series cabs.

Attractive to all

“With our styling heritage, we strive to find a solution that appeals to the eye while fully achieving the technical functionality,” says Xavier Carreras Castro.