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The revolutionary Scania c-me vest. Because seeing is saving

Complete anytime, anywhere safety is every truck driver’s right: whether on road and off, behind the wheel or not. And what better way than with the help of smart clothes. This is the Scania philosophy behind being a leader in the shift towards a sustainable transport system. And why we developed the Scania C-me vest. For you.

Its ingenuity lies in the fact that a vest is the most essential safety element for drivers. Effectively, we have taken this compulsory safety gear, that is often so taken for granted that it is overlooked. And empowered it with next-generation connectivity. To achieve a connected garment that delivers a brand-new dimension of safety, in and out of vehicle.

be connected. be safe.

Bluetooth technology connects the vest to an app on your phone. You can store personal information and contact numbers on the app. It even provides a find-my-vest function and GPS option, along with a host of other functionalities. The C-me vest has the capacity to access these functionalities in order to support and assist you.

relax and enjoy the ride

Like, in the event that you are suddenly immobilized, or accidentally stumble and fall, the vest will automatically start flashing to alert other travelers. The contact function on your phone is then activated, to alert your ICE numbers as text messages with coordinates of your geographical location.

 We went the extra mile with innovative features. For you.

It makes sense that a safety element is worn at all times. That’s why it was logical for us to ensure that the C-me vest is double-sided. You can choose between high-visibility or elegance and wear it regardless of the situation.

Built-in reflexes capture direct and indirect light on one side. At the same time, both sides are embedded with innovative functionality, from lights that form a pattern, to technical sensors with AI technology that deliver next-generation connectivity. The C-me vest lights up automatically as soon as you exit the vehicle.  Rest assured that the vest is made to also work off-line and comes complete with a push button that allows you to operate the lights.

In-vest in your complete safety. Get the Scania C-Me vest.

Dedicated to every truck driver and fleet owner in the world, the vest is designed to cater to the realities of working within the transport industry.