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Optimised maintenance

Up your uptime


Off-road or motorway long haul – each truck is used differently and provides unique real-time data. We analyse this data to maximise vehicle uptime by using the on-board diagnostics systems to alert owners that it’s time to take their vehicles to the workshop for servicing.


Connectivity, Scania workshops, Fleet Management Systems and Remote Diagnostics all work together to build up a comprehensive understanding about which vehicle needs a service, and what kind. This enables Scania service advisors and technicians to fully understand the best way to maximise your uptime at any given point.

See how Scania’s flexible plans look at parameters such as fuel consumption, oil and engine temperatures, distance driven and average speeds, to establish an optimum service and maintenance schedule.

“The majority of Scania trucks are connected to our Scania Fleet Management, giving us the possibility to further tailor our services so that our customers can earn more money.”

Claes Åkerlund

Head of Service Concepts at Scania.


Once your Scania Flexible Plan is in place, intervals between scheduled maintenance might shorten or get longer; it all depends on how each vehicle is used. Either way, our Flexible Plans guarantee that with optimised service intervals planned in advance, productivity will be maximised and disruption to daily activity will be decreased.


Scania Maintenance with flexible plans is tailored to fit your operational needs. Each plan maximises business efficiency and availability – whatever your application.

Tailored for your operations
Vehicle know-how
Real-time data
Longest possible maintenance intervals