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Taking on the challenges of your city

Your operation is an important part of the urban eco-system enabling the everyday life of thousands of people. As cities grow bigger, so does the urge for smart transport solutions. Luckily, being smart is kind of our thing.

Be one with your surroundings

OPTIMISED TO MEET THE EMISSION REQUIREMENTS OF PARIS. With the temperature rising globally, we must keep our heads cool. That is why we are proud to offer the widest range of solutions for alternative fuels in the industry.

THE SAFETY RESTRICTIONS OF LONDON. When operating in a large city like London, you can be sure to have company on the road. This makes safety a top priority. With outstanding visibility and improved braking performance, our new urban range is more than up to the job.

AVOID TRAFFIC AND CONGESTION ON THE NARROW STREETS OF ROME. Your job sets high demands on manoeuvrability as well as planning in order to avoid traffic and congestion. With Scania you get a vehicle tailored for its task, together with smart services supporting your drivers.

BOOST YOUR NUMBERS IN BERLIN. It’s all about smart solutions that take your business to the next level. Take on a bigger payload by weight-optimising your vehicle. Get an overview of your fleet, and manage it with the help of connected services.

OUTSTANDING WORKING ENVIRONMENT ON THE ROLL IN MADRID. Attracting the best drivers is key in order to run a successful urban operation. At Scania, we believe the best way to succeed is to offer your drivers an outstanding office along with assisting services. 



City Safe Window Enables efficient driving without compromising safety.

Located low down in the passenger door, the heated City Safe Window offers a clear view of what’s going on alongside the vehicle. Available for the P- and L-series, it provides outstanding direct visibility, reducing the risk of damage and accidents while enabling more efficient driving without compromising safety.

New 7 litre engine Cuts fuel consumption and vehicle weight.

Our engine range welcomes a new member to our family – the 7-litre engine. This sixcylinder engine available with 220, 250 and 280 hp is sure to cut both your fuel consumption and the weight of your vehicle. All while reducing both noise levels and vibrations.

New gas engines Reduces CO₂ emissions by up to 90%.

With sustainability being a top priority in many cities, we are very proud to present our new 9-litre, five-cylinder and 13-litre, six-cylinder gas engines. Choosing to run on biogas not only reduces your CO₂ emissions by up to 90%, it cuts your noise emissions too, enabling longer operating hours.

Flexible maintenance plans Customised plans for each vehicle.

Every truck is used differently, which is why they should all be serviced individually. Our new standard for maintenance contracts uses vehicle data from the communicator to analyse when a service is needed and exactly what needs servicing. This way we are able to be proactive with regard to planning and administration.

Application based driver training Tailored for challenges facing the urban driver.

Operating in urban surroundings imposes high demands on drivers. Scania’s modularbased driver training is tailored to meet the demands and challenges facing the urban driver – such as manoeuvring in narrow streets, avoiding traffic and congestion, and how to carry out the mission in the safest way.

Improved visibility Lower dashboard, improved driver’s position and low window sills.

Designed for urban operations, our new cab range offers great visibility. The lowered dashboard, improved driver’s position and low window sills give the driver outstanding direct visibility. As do the maximised windshields and compact mirror housings.

P-cab lower floor Easy access through the passenger door.

The new urban P-series cab with its lower engine tunnel is a great choice when operating in dense traffic and needing access for entry and exit through the passenger door.

Handling and steering Electro-hydraulic power Steered Tag Axle for tighter turning.

Supporting your drivers with class-leading handling and stability is one of our top priorities. Our new tag axle system offers a number of advantages, such as the EST, Electro-hydraulic power Steered Tag Axle, which enables tighter turning and less tyre wear when manoeuvring.