Working at Scania

An exciting future

If you are ambitious and good performance is important to you, we can offer an exciting future. Together we create a positive atmosphere where we expect you to be professional in your allocated role and challenge yourself and others. You contribute with your knowledge and unique background to the diversity that is a part of our success. As a new employee, you will take part in our introduction programme Scania Global Introduction. This will provide you with a picture of the company and where we are heading. When you subsequently start your job, you will receive a relevant introduction to your work and the department you are working in.

Our expectations of you

Scania's ambition is to offer you the opportunity for learning and professional development, security in your work situation and a good work-life balance. We see commitment as the driving force – skilled and dedicated employees are essential for the continued success of Scania. Therefore, we want to give you as an employee the best possible conditions in which to thrive and grow within the company. We also have expectations of you as an employee. You can see some examples below.

  • Show respect for the people around you. This applies regardless of gender, age, religion, ethnic background or other individual differences. 
  • Contribute to a safe and open work climate where everyone in the workgroup is included and respected. React when something is not working well. 
  • Share information, knowledge, experience and constructive ideas with others. 
  • Participate and make suggestions for improvements so that together we can develop the work climate, work group and our mission. 
  • Listen to and take the views of others into account; respect different opinions.
  • Respond to discrepancies that signal an unhealthy work environment or security shortcomings. Talk to your manager if you are unsure of how to act.
  • Consider how you want to develop at Scania and show that you want to learn and broaden your knowledge and skills.
  • Pay attention to what is important for you to feel good in the long run and take the initiative yourself to get there.

Trade union activities

Scania has collective agreements with IF Metall, Ledarna, Akademikerföreningen and Unionen. Visit the Scania unions' website if you are interested in becoming a member.

Scania unions website