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Preventing, protecting

Keeping drivers safe is paramount - whether that’s on muddy forest floor tracks, motorways or haul roads. To help improve driver safety and accident prevention, Scania trucks have safety systems and features to give drivers better feedback, vision and control.


Scania trucks are fitted with safety features to trigger appropriate control. This includes Electronic Stability Programme that brakes each wheel independently if the vehicle understeers or oversteers, and Scania lane departure warning.

Vehicle techno­logy

Years of thorough research, design and testing have proven Scania vehicles to be exceptionally safe in real-life conditions. Our high, safe cabs come with improved visibility, handling, braking and stability, plus LED lights.


Scania is committed to increased road safety. Our driver safety services range from real-time systems that support drivers with hints and feedback, to instructor-led driver training courses to improve driving style over time.


See how collision risk is reduced by Scania AEB braking system.

Helping hand

In an emergency, even the most skilled driver needs safety support. Scania trucks offer a wide range of safety features that increase driver safety.

Roll-over airbag

helps keep driver safe in life-threatening situations.


shorter stopping distance with Scania's new brake system.

Great traction

"The Scania is sure-footed in the forests and gives us great traction which means more safety."

Jim Smith

Driver, H&L Scheidl, Australia


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