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Comfort and efficiency

Versatile cabs

The P-series is designed with both safety and comfort in mind. The result: better control, easier access, excellent visibility and low noise.

Absolute focus

"The cabs have low entry, and a spacious and comfortable interior. They give our drivers exactly what they want."

Carsten Pedersen

Bach & Pedersen Fragt

Put yourself in the driver’s seat

Manoeuvrability, excellent vision from the cab and easy access. The P-series cabs are designed and built to keep drivers alert, productive and comfortable.

Interior design

It's all so easy

With its two-step entry, the P-series comes with our most easily accessible cabs. The compact size and low overall vehicle weight expand your load-space capacity. The smallest of the day-cab range is purpose built as an optimal workplace, designed for comfort and productivity.

Everything in the right place

Whether short hops or long hauls, Scania cabs are built for a comfortable life on the road. The optimal placing of controls and storage facilities means that your essential equipment is always within reach, yet never in the way.

Make yourself comfortable

There's a wide range of options covering every aspect of the cab specification. For example, the seats come in different materials, but always with infinite adjustment and variable suspension damping for maximum comfort.

Optimal workplace

The inside of a Scania cab is an environment that drivers want to return to, every day.



Find the accessories that make the most out of your truck. We'll supply those vital extras that deliver improved comfort, enhanced safety and a truly efficient workplace.

Safety & Visibility

World-class sustainable transport

The P-series comes with engines that run on the widest range of alternative fuels. Our goal is to keep you at the forefront of cost effective technologies for sustainable transport.


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