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Transporting people

Getting the job done

Even with autonomous systems on the rise, most mines don’t function without people, so keeping workers on the job, safe and productive is an art in itself. Skilled, trained people need to be transported quickly, comfortably and safely across distances in harsh territory to where the work is.

Moving people safely

We have vehicles designed to move people safely in all kinds of environments. From smaller crewcabs to larger crew transports and rugged buses for 30–60 people, with space for safety clothing and equipment.

Safe transport for the mines

Scania has been building buses for over 100 years, and has a number of models adapted for rugged and safe transport both within and to and from the mines. Because of the Scania modular production system, chassis, axle, engine and powertrain parts on buses are identical to those on trucks.

Safety built in

We deliver, together with dedicated body builder partners, safe solutions by always putting safety first. A wide range of safety features such as electronic stability programmes, electronic brake systems and alcolocks provide effortless control as well as matchless driveability.