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To keep your productivity high and your fuel expenditure low, Scania constantly strives to improve our trucks and services. By constantly refining the three cornerstones of fuel economy – vehicle, driver, services – we’ll help your business thrive.

Save 10% in fuel

Slow down from 90 km/h to 80 km/h

Target: 20% coasting

Save fuel by coasting for 20% of each long-haul journey


How do you save fuel when approaching hills? A Scania driver coach shows you the way.


​Your business doesn’t stay still, so neither do our techniques for reducing fuel consumption. We strive to constantly improve in the three cornerstones of fuel efficiency.


Scania engines offer excellent fuel economy. Couple this with weight optimisation, aerodynamics and tyre pressure, and you optimise fuel consumption.


Improved driver performance can save up to 10% in fuel consumption. The Scania Driver Support service helps drivers to learn and retain fuel-saving skills.


Axle alignment, tyre pressure, air deflector adjustment – keep your truck as fuel-efficient as it was on day one, with Scania expert services.


"Have the wheels on your trucks and trailers aligned regularly. It extends component life and lowers fuel consumption."

Cem Kizilkaya

Driver Coach, Scania


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