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Scania presents

Future Room

Welcome to The Future Room: a place of continuous innovation, where we experiment and challenge what's possible.

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Welcome to our dream

The Future Room is a space for creative thinking, passion and ambition. It's where we take vital steps towards our vision of sustainable transport for all.


Innovation is part of what makes Scania unique. We're constantly embracing new technologies to drive change and push forward at every turn. The Future Room is a space where we can bring key innovators together to share ideas and concepts with the world.


Fixing the problems of tomorrow means collaborating and sharing ideas today. The power of collaboration has helped shape humanity – and it's a key part of our DNA at Scania.


There’s no formula for creating a great idea; ours is driven by our passion for creating a sustainable future and a belief that we can change the world.

Expanded Horizons

Along with our visionaries, partners and storytellers, we've created a collection of stories that imagine a brighter future for us all.

Ideas become reality

As new technologies emerge, we build concepts and test ideas around them. These forward-looking designs incorporate cutting-edge features that are already changing the way we see the future.

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Explore the Future Room Playlist to discover a collection of in-depth roundtable discussions and engaging stories that imagine a better future through innovation.