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Energy company A Geradora is providing electrical power for four World Cup arenas, providing a smooth-running power supply with help from Scania.

The World Cup arenas in Fortaleza, Natal , Salvador, and São Paulo will host a total of 14 matches, all of which will be powered by energy company A Geradora. The company is providing 60 pieces of equipment, including power generators, illuminating towers and air compressors, as well as 40-person teams.

“We are all anxious to start,” says José Cândido Terceiro Jr., Commercial Director for A Geradora. “We’re pretty excited, and caught up in the World Cup Brazil spirit.”

Experienced experts

A Geradora has a high degree of expertise in supplying energy to large sporting events. “We worked the Confederation Cup, with all of the broadcast and overlay services for four of the six stadiums that participated,” Terceiro says, adding that he hopes to see the company become the power provider for the 2016 Olympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro.

For the current event, the company will just supply equipment for overlay operations – temporary facilities that provide support for the stadiums, such as pressrooms and kitchens. Broadcasting services will be handled by someone else. Supplying the back office for each stadium will require approximately 20 megawatts of power, enough to supply a town of 15,000 inhabitants.

Terceiro says that setting up the power generating system will take about two weeks. With an inventory of some 5,000 items of equipment (including 600 Scania engines), Terceiro believes A Geradora’s success in big events is to a large extent due to its technologically advanced generators. “We feel very motivated and honoured to be able to participate in such an important event as The World Cup,” he says.