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Power Integration Services

For power systems to function to the best of their ability, they need to be specified according to the intended usage and installed and adjusted optimally. Scania’s Power Integration Services – consisting of Installation Support and Power Optimisation – do just that. With the help and support from our expert engineers, both manufacturers and users are allowed peace of mind and an even better product.

Installation Support

With Installation Support, Scania engineers provide advice, guidance, and hands-on help in the early phases. This means the power system will be specified right and that the installation is handled correctly, resulting in full integration between various software and hardware components. Engineer involvement throughout the design and implementation phases safeguards a smooth industrial process, that demands are met and ensures the best possible product in terms of reliability, efficiency, and emissions reduction.

Power Optimisation

Besides the visible hardware, the software and calibration today play a hugely important part in power system functionality and behaviour. Scania power systems are designed with an even balance between a number of factors, providing a well-rounded profile for a specific segment. With Power Optimisation by Scania, which also considers adapting interfaces and adjacent components, the system and the power it provides is calibrated and fully adapted for its specific purpose, taking performance to an entirely new level.

Power optimisation examples

As standard, Scania power systems are designed with an even balance between different characteristics. Optimising these –Fuel efficiency, Transient response, RPM stability, Specific power output and Cold start capability – takes performance to an entirely new level, based on operational needs.

Dump truck

When carrying heavy and potentially unsecured loads in less than perfect road conditions, having the right power output when needed as well as RPM stability is critical. In addition, minimised fuel consumption and excellent cold start capability help improve operating economy and safeguard uptime.


Excavator operators should always be able to rely on having the needed power response at their fingertips. This can be ensured by optimising the power system to have excellent transient response and RPM stability. Reliability and efficient operations also require good cold start capability and fuel efficiency.

Power generator

Depending on usage area, a power generator has different needs. In most cases, RPM stability and transient response is vital for handling step loads and grid demands, and to thereby maximise power reliability. Low fuel consumption can also be a requirement for cost- and environmental purposes.

Patrol boat

Planing vessels need throttle effect to ensure quick acceleration to cruising speed speed. This requires a high level of transient response, specific power output, and good RPM stability from the power system. At the same time, next level fuel efficiency is needed to reduce cost and emissions.

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