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Scania provides industry leading value-added services for customers with Scania Assistance and Scania Fleet Management                                                  

Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, 27 November, 2014 – Scania Malaysia launches a new Scania Assistance number 1800-08-8500 (+603 5590 9077 for international calls) with an improved call-centre system based on Scania global standards; and the new Scania Fleet Management for customers to gain more control over their vehicles.

Every Scania truck, bus and coach chassis now comes with two years free Scania Assistance and ten years free Scania Fleet Management monitoring package.

Scania Assistance Malaysia is an operator-based call-centre that operates 24/7, 365 days a year. The improved call-centre system allows Scania to track and follow-up on the status of any customer’s case from start to completion; keeping the customer informed throughout the entire process. This allows the customer to plan and reorganise their fleet movements better in the event of a particular vehicle needing assistance.

Supported by professional customer service personnel, a fleet of standby-service vans with highly-trained and experienced technicians, can connect customers to our wide network of workshops, even in difficult-to-reach areas.

The Scania Fleet Management is a set of services that connects the vehicles with customers’ office through a communicator device. Scania customers will get vehicle data, fleet position and reviews of driving performance. By just focusing on these details Scania customers can make informed decisions and take the necessary actions in increasing the productivity of their fleet.

Scania Fleet Management consists of two different service packages: Monitoring and Control. These two packages are easy and fast – it starts up in minutes, give customer quick access to fleet overviews and its user-friendly graphics can be understood with one glance. The packages are also environmentally smart – customers can view fuel consumption and other factors that affect emissions as well as CO2 level themselves.

Scania Fleet Management saves money for our customers – customers can make decisions that cut fuel consumption, identifies vehicles that are being driven unsuitably, do service planning in order to reduce unplanned downtime. Vehicle and driver performance can save up to 10% in fuel economy if Scania Fleet Management is used together with Scania Driver Training and Coaching services.

“At Scania, we continue to put our customers’ operations at the centre of the entire value chain. Scania’s wide range of quality products and services are constantly improving and optimised for our customers’ needs. This is Scania’s total solutions approach to help our customers achieve the best profitability,” said the Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia, Mr. James Armstrong.