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Moving People, Changing Minds: Scania Bus Systems at ASLI’s Urban Transportation Forum 2014.

6th of November, 2014, Berjaya Times Square Hotel – Scania together with a team of speakers aimed to promote discussions and dialogues on effectiveness of Malaysia’s urban public transport system at the Urban Transportation Forum 2014 by ASLI.

By 2030, over 60 per cent of the world’s population will be living in cities and mobility will be a critical factor if urban transport solutions do not keep pace with this growth.

“A well-planned, cost-efficient bus system that brings about measurable mobility and environmental benefits in fact produces an improved economic environment and ultimately a better quality of life,” said Idros Puteh, Sales Director of Bus and Coach, Scania Southeast Asia.

A bus system reorganizes bus traffic in rational ways to achieve immediate efficiency gains and can cover everything from full scale BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) solutions transporting 50,000 passengers per hour and direction, to BRS (Bus Rapid System), solutions tailored for lower capacities.

For example, Bus Systems by Scania are in operation on five continents and are designed for flexibility and scalability to deliver a rational, cost efficient and sustainable solution that is tailored to the present and future needs of any city.

It is also a profitable solution as it offers the most mobility per money spent because buses, unlike cars, use space efficiently and, in contrast to rail systems, can be built on existing road infrastructure.

Bus systems also generate higher average speeds and higher passenger capacity than a traditional bus operation, so the overall result is lower costs per passenger. 

For operators, this results in improved punctuality, fuel choice flexibility and maximised capacity with reduced operational costs.

Passengers get a better quality of life as bus systems beat road congestion and provide a comfortable, fast and smooth mode of transport.

Road safety is also largely improved in bus systems where buses are separated from other traffic, while decreasing pollution and environmental problems.

A reliable, affordable and safe bus system can improve local economies by providing job opportunities in areas of the city which were previously out of reach with a spill over effect of raising real estate values along the routes.

Effective mobility is decisive to the power of attraction of every city and an effective transport system is the backbone in sustainable city planning and growth. But because cities grow, mutate and go through phases, the system must also have a scalable, flexible and expandable solution like Bus Systems by Scania

Scania can assemble an entire team of city and transport planners, engineers and bus specialists to create a tailored turnkey solution for any city.

One of the main features of Bus Systems by Scania are the Scania buses and coaches that are renowned for their outstanding operating economy.

Each bus is engineered to set world-class standards for safety, fuel economy, drivability, comfort, road handling, reliability and uptime.

They can also be customised to produce the best solution possible in terms of passenger capacity, interior layout and other key criteria.


Idros Puteh, Sales Director of Bus and Coach, Scania Southeast Asia delivering his presentation.

: Idros Puteh receiving acknowledgment from Y.B. Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Minister of Transport Malaysia; and Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh, Chief Executive Officer, Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI)