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Job Descriptions

Account Executive

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

  • Ensure all accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions are updated timely and accurately and processed in accordance to the financial policies and established procedures
  • Monitoring supplier invoices flow in Basware system. Check and review interface report between Comarch and D365 system
  • Monitoring Automaster vehicle module sales transactions. Check and review interface report between Automaster and D365 system
  • Processing and monitoring supplier and DES claim payments to ensure payments processed within the agreed credit term
  • Perform customer company evaluation, ensure customer registration and credit application forms are maintained and filed with the completeness of the documents
  • Verify that transactions comply with financial policies and established procedures
  • Perform supplier reconciliation in a timely manner
  • Prepare accounts payable and accounts receivable related balance sheet accounts reconciliation, follow up and resolve outstanding issues
  • Follow up bank reconciliation for accounts payable related transaction
  • Ensure supplier master maintenance in any system is up-to-date
  • Correspond with supplier and respond to inquiries
  • Assist in analysing accounts, accounts audit and tax audit
  • Produce accounts payable related monthly reports to procurement department
  • Monitoring and reconciliation of inter-company invoices
  • Follow up bank reconciliation for Accounts Receivable related transactions
  • Ensure customer master maintenance in any system is up-to-date.
  • Work closely with the credit control team on accounts receivable related issues
  • Produce Accounts Receivable related weekly/monthly reports for the credit control team
  • Update the cashflow forecast/actual and handle Treasury functions
  • Participate in finance system implementation and system enhancements projects
  • Working with own team and/or with other process teams to identify and implement improvement opportunities
  • Perform other ad-hoc tasks as assigned and required
  • Improvement work according to the Scania Way (SRS)
  • Understand and act according to the Scania way frame work
  • Understand and act according to the Scania way frame work
  • Maintain the normal situation, detect deviations and act immediately to eliminate them
  • Contribute in daily follow-up, daily steering
  • Participate and contribute in improvement activities based on a standardized working method

Brand and Communications Executive

Manage Public Relations


Build the Scania brand to be perceived as a leader in sustainable transport solutions

  • Make sure there is Media strategy in place to build the Scania brand to be perceived as the leader in the shift towards sustainable transport in the market place
  • Draft press/media releases and maintain positive relationship with traditional trade media and build strong relationships with digital and business media
  • Organization and participation regarding media events
  • Single point of contact for media and general and to manage crises communication
  • Active role in local sustainability key stakeholder/ecosystem mapping (ex: media, government, municipalities, customer’s customer) and have a plan in place to establish/maintain positive relationship with them to build the Scania brand
  • Strong interdepartmental collaboration skills and solid understanding of the business in order to be perceived as professional and reliable contact for the media (and other stakeholders as per need) .


Manage Public Affairs


Drive Scania’s lobbying efforts

  • Monitor the effect of public policy changes on their organisation and advise the Scania Mgmt.
  • Actively drive and participate in Scania’s lobbying efforts in the marketplace
  • Establish regular contact with politicians, political advisers, civil servants, non-departmental public bodies or regulators to keep them informed about Scania’s work and policy concerns
  • Organise or attend regular meetings with these stakeholders, representing their organisation and forging contacts with key decision-makers

Customer Service Advisor

Before Service Prospecting

  • Create and work with customer calling lists
  • Contact and call customers regarding current campaigns, to book next visit, offer repairs etc.
  • Analyze Maintenance plans and make recommendations to customers
  • Analyze remote diagnostics
  • Record outcome of calls and visits
  • Request and verify Maintenance plans 


Before Service Sales

  •  Listen to and identify customer needs
  • Analyze Maintenance plan and recommend actions on deviations
  • Perform trouble shooting according to checklists
  • Give advice to customers
  • Argue for suitable Maintenance solution
  • Define the work to be done and create preliminary work order
  • Book and organize customers workshop visits
  • Check work order content and workshop resource planning
  • Confirm that colleagues understands the work order
  • Secure appointment with customer


Before Service Workshop Scheduling

  •  Create necessary time reservation
  • Verify that resources are allocated for the work to be carried out
  • Cooperate with other departments to coordinate all necessary work for the customer
  • Contact and call 3rd party when necessary
  • Arrange for sub supplier jobs
  • Take part in and contribute to the daily pulse meetings
  • Participate in workshop management weekly meeting


During Service Customer Workshop Care

  •  Receive the customer upon arrival
  • Verify content of appointment
  • Take over the vehicle from customer
  • Offer customer additional work and/or parts
  • Continually communicate with customers in case of changes or problems
  • Open the work order
  • Handle customer requests


After Service Vehicle Return

  •  Close the work order
  • Issue all necessary invoice
  • Explain to the customer the work that has been performed
  • Recommend additional work that may be required
  • Book the next appointment
  • Hand over the vehicle to customer
  • Register customer feedback


After Service Follow Up Customer Work

  •  Perform follow up calls to evaluate performance
  • Offer new booking
  • Store open work orders
  • Document all other actions and information


General Competencies:

  • Accounting and Financial Systems, Processes and Technology
  • Business Perspective
  • Products and services
  • Using Information Technology


Personal Competencies:

  • Customer Focus
  • Communication
  • Initiative
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Teamwork
  • Result Oriented



  • Customers
  • Service Advisor
  • Workshop Manager
  • Parts
  • Technicians
  • Dealer Support

Safety and Health Officer

  • Lead on Health & Safety for Compliance, Reporting, PPE and Risk Assessments
  • Develop, implement, monitor and review the Company’s Health, Safety & Environmental Management Systems with the objective of minimising workplace injuries, incidents and environmental harm, identifying opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Create policies, systems and procedures for all facets of SSEA’s OHSE Management System and, maintain and update the system as required to enable continuity for others undertaking the role
  • Align with Scania’s Dealer Development team to identify areas of duplication with the Scania Dealer Operating Standards (DOS) and Scania’s OHSE auditing systems, to implement uniform quality standards in all areas of the business
  • Monitor all safety legislative changes nationally and communicate necessary updates and changes with key stakeholders, updating any related policies, procedures and work instructions accordingly.
  • Develop and maintain standardised contractor and employee safety induction packages and audit compliance across all sites
  • Act as lead investigator for serious and reportable incidents, monitoring quality of incident investigations and root cause analysis to identify appropriate corrective actions and monitor close out
  • Lead and support the company’s hazard reporting system, recommending risk controls measures and close out of identified issues in agreed timeframes
  • Participate in and support site safety committee’s nationally monitoring their effectiveness in addressing local OHSE issues and awareness of the company’s OHSE Management System
  • Lead and support the company’s hazard reporting system, recommending risk controls measures and close out of identified issues in agreed timeframes
  • Manage and prioritize Scania’s risk profile plan to ensure resources are directed according to level of risk
  • Maintain a national approach to workers compensation and injury management which supports a culture of early intervention, driving cost reductions in Worker’s Compensation Insurance Premiums across the business by minimising risk which results in severe incidents/injuries and reduce lost time across the business
  • Maintain training needs analysis and skills matrix to determine SHE training needs for all levels in the organisation and provide and deliver necessary training programs (internal / external) where required
  • Assist business units with their Emergency Management Plans and facilitate trials to measure effectiveness of each site’s plan
  • Review and analyse SHE statistics and trends (internally and externally) and present findings to Executive Team with plans to address deviations
  • Work with regional and global SHE teams to align with, and exchange ideas to continuously improve Scania’s Health, Safety and Environmental programs
  • Manage Procurement Area function for SHE including building security
  • Evaluate, develop and train staff to meet the demands of the business if required.
  • Operate effectively in a team, contributing positively to team operations and working relationships and cultivating a strong team environment within the department.
  • Foster and promote a safe and healthy work environment maintaining safe work practices at all time and to work within and comply with Company safety policies and procedures.
  • Comply with Company policies and procedures, including the completion of documents and records as required.

Service Sales Executive

The main responsibility of an outdoor Service Sales Executive is to proactively promote and sell Scania parts and services, meeting commercial and financial targets and thereby contributing to the profitable growth of Scania.

The role is focusing on untapped potential at rolling fleet customers, i.e. approaching customers when the vehicle is already sold. Typical situations where the Service Salesperson contributes:

  • contract not sold together with vehicle or renewal of contracts (R&M, FMS, driver training etc.)
  • customers with own workshop to whom there’s a potential to discuss parts supply or take-over of workshop operations
  • vehicle inspections by authorities and change of owner of a vehicle
  • Focusing on the customer, understanding and transforming their needs in to value adding solutions as well as upholding a positive brand image are furthermore key aspects for the role.


Professional Competencies (Duties and Tasks)


Prospecting - 

Contribute to identify potential customers and create sales opportunities where Scania can deliver value to the customer and be profitable:

  • Contribute to identify new potential customers and total market potential
  • Contribute to structure and develop customer base through local segmentation
  • Keep up to date with customers and the local market, Scania product and service portfolio as well as competitors’ product / service portfolios and activities
  • There shall be an intention to let a central business intelligence function do most of the prospecting work resulting in a customer lists
  • Actively participate in campaigns and customer events, fairs etc.
  • Cooperate with internal stakeholders to achieve business objectives

Contacting -

Develop and increase the customer base by analyzing contacts or prospects, understand their needs, plan and conduct meetings, build relationships and argue for Scania´s value proposition:

  • Analyze customer list and set target for customers. To plan and prepare customer contacts
  • Contact customers through phone calls, mails and meetings
  • Ask value driven questions to understand the customers’ business and budget
  • Identify the customer total needs and evaluate the probability to get a deal and the potential gain
  • Record and update relevant customer information
  • Follow up customer contact
  • Increase the customer base by working actively with contacting prospects
  • Build and maintain long term business relations with selected customers at the right level
  • Act professional as a Scania ambassador and market the full range of Scania products and services

Quoting -

Create offer by verifying prospects’ needs, translating them into tailored solutions, negotiating the deal and follow-up:

  • Verify prospects’ needs, both conscious and non- conscious
  • Translate prospects’ needs to Scania tailored solutions and work together with relevant functions in order to create the best total offer
  • Present, communicate and negotiate with customer regarding suggested offer
  • Follow-up quotation, and to follow-up on actual sales vs. targets and act on deviations

Finalizing deals -

  • Close the deal and ensure long-term customer satisfaction:
  • Ensure legal requirements and business rules
  • Secure delivery capabilities and early involvement from internal organization and suppliers for delivery
  • Communicate agreement internally and externally
  • Analyze and share lessons learned from won and lost sales

General Competencies

  • Business Perspective - Using an understanding of business issues, processes and outcomes to enhance business performance.
  • Customer understanding - Demonstrates understanding of customers, their commercial offerings, industry, business, motivational drivers and needs. Understands how Scania can contribute to the optimization of customer profitability.
  • Influencing Skills - Persuades, convinces and influences others to obtain their buy-in and support for specific course, action or direction. Understands others’ point of view. Creates maintain and leverages a network of supportive relationships.
  • Negotiation - Ability to explore positions and alternatives to reach best possible outcome by seeking mutual benefits and maintaining relationship in business discussions with the counterparts.
  • Products and services - Maintains an up to date understanding of products and services necessary to perform duties and tasks. Understands Scania products and services value proposition connected to processes and business.
  • Teaching for Differentiation - Offering unique perspective by delivering insightful data, solutions or experiences to customers that helps them better compete in their own end-market.
  • Value selling - Ability to apply the method to identify the right solution for the individual customer as well as explain and argue for the value of an offer, expressed in money and/or time.


  • Customers
  • Workshop
  • Business Intelligence
  • Scania Finance
  • Business Support
  • Other Salespeople
  • Bodybuilders


The main responsibility of the Maintenance Technician is to perform high quality maintenance and repairs on Scania products. Satisfied customers, on time delivery and safety at work is achieved by following defined processes, standards and guidelines. The Technician contributes to customer satisfaction, Scania’s profitability and safety on our roads.

Before Maintenance or Repair Event Secure that right information, tools and spare parts are available;

  • Collect work order
  • Read and understand work order
  • Start up work order
  • Collect additional information
  • Secure access to right tools
  • Pick up spare parts


During Maintenance or Repair Event Through well-known and described working methods and standards perform maintenance or repair on time in a correct and safe way;

  • Prepare vehicle/ prepare component
  • Complete visual inspections
  • Search for additional information in systems
  • Secure spare parts for additional jobs
  • Perform maintenance or repair on vehicle/component
  • Manage deviations
  • Return not used spare parts
  • Clean exchange parts
  • Return special tools
  • Clean work area
  • Restore vehicle to handed-in condition


Inform Foreman/Service Advisor about additional faults or findings


After Maintenance or Repair Event Secure minimized lead time of invoicing. Through clear description of performed work and/or communicated what needs to be done if the work is handed over to a colleague;

  • Clarify performed work in work order and put signature
  • End work order
  • Complete handover
  • Secure planning of next job


Repair and maintenance;


Demonstrate understanding of Scania’s repair and maintenance concepts, troubleshooting, repair methods and techniques, vehicle technical aspects, tools and equipment. Ability to use instructions and documentation. Ability to conduct repair and maintenance on Scania products including VRS and other makes to meet the customer´s expectation and needs.


Personal Competencies (in alphabetical order);


Communication - Listening and communicating openly, honestly and respectfully with different audiences, promoting dialogue and building consensus


Customer Focus - Providing service excellence to internal and/or external customers


Initiative - Dealing with situations and issues proactively and persistently, seizing opportunities that arise


Planning and Organizing - Reaching goals that are central to organizational success by making and following plans and allocating resources effectively


Teamwork - Working collaboratively with others to achieve organizational goals



  • Team Leader/Foreman
  • Workshop Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Dealer Director
  • Service Advisor
  • Technicians
  • Parts Assistant/Supervisor

Applicable process, standards and guidelines:

  • Workshop Business Process Definition
  • Complying with SHE, SRS and DOS regulations
  • Applicable workshop standards, policies and procedures
  • Workshop Production