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Scania East Africa unveils its New Truck Generation

Scania East Africa has launched the new truck generation, being the second market in Africa to roll out the new truck range, following the global launch that took place in 2016 in Paris, France.

The new truck generation has been launched in phases across the globe since August 2016 and the time has come for East Africa to see what the result of ten years of development work, billions of dollars of investments and more than 10 million kilometres of test driving looks like. 

Scania is extending its offering with the new truck range and can now, thanks to its unique modular system, supply more performance stages, connectivity and a comprehensive palette of productivity-enhancing services as well as sustainable transportation solutions that are precisely customised for each type of customer in the highly competitive transportation industry.

The Scania new truck generation has been developed with a broad range of tailored products and service solutions that will help to reduce operating and maintenance costs, and also to boost vehicle uptime. “I am proud to say that we have set a new standard in our industry with our new truck range”, mentioned Stefano Fedel, Chairman, Scania East Africa during the unveiling.

Sustainable Transport Solutions

Scania aims to become the leader in sustainable transport because we share the belief that sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. We also recognize the critical role that the transport industry will play in solving the challenges the world is facing. "The future of transport is sustainable”, stated Erik Ljunberg, Senior VP Communications, Brand and Marketing at Scania Group.

During the event Scania’s customers, partners and industry players were engaged in a discussion on the importance of implementing sustainable transport solutions in the country. "We need to work together to reduce emissions from the transport industry", emphasized Rob De Jong, Head Transport Unit, UN Environment. If we can move from Euro 0 and Euro 2 engines to Euro 3 and Euro 5 engines, it is a huge contribution to the environment in Kenya.

Per Holmstrom, MD Scania East Africa encouraged guests at the launch to be more sustainable in their operations. “When you leave here, ask yourself what can you do to improve your operations. How you dispose your oil, your oil filters, what do you do with them, what happens to them? Just think about it. Do what you can to improve the sustainability in your own operations" he stressed.

Scania’s vision through the new truck generation is to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system, creating a world of mobility that is better for business, society and the environment. Sustainability will be one of the watchwords in the upcoming launch, as this will be crucial for the future competitiveness of Scania and its customers and also for their customers