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Disposing Electronic Waste Responsibly

Old and spoilt computer cables, equipment and parts can be a hustle to get rid of because you cannot just throw them in trash, making a cabinet or unused storage room their new home and before you know it, you have a room full of waste.

Sustainable waste management is vital at Scania, hence the reason we have partnered with EnviroServ Waste Management, a waste management solution provider that collects, sorts, classifies, recycles and disposes different waste streams in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to dispose our old computers and accessories. EnviroServ’s integrated waste management approach provides us the perfect solution in disposing our electronic waste which the company separates at source, recovering recyclable products and disposing the rest to their landfill.

Harmful effects of electronic waste

When electronic waste is not disposed of responsibly, it can cause adverse effects on our health and the environment because of the toxic materials that are released. Electronics such as CPU’s and PC monitors contain harmful components such as lead and other toxics that have a potentially deadly effect on our health and the environment.

To further incorporate sustainable operations in our IT department, we plan on working towards ways on how paper copies can be digitized and filed electronically and as well as sensitizing our staff on the need of always switching off their computers and UPS’s after close of business so as to save on energy consumption.