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The Scania Top Team regional final for South America and Africa took place on June 15-17 in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Team Simba from Kenya was geared up and ready to compete for a chance to proceed to the world final.

Having qualified for the regional final after emerging victorious during the national final that took place in September 2017, Team Simba went head to head with teams from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and South Africa at the regional final.

Rigorous tasks

The team had to complete various tasks at ten stations, five of which were examinable while the other five comprised of interactive sessions, and all the tasks were choreographed in such a way that all the eight teams went through each station seamlessly.

Each station had a time limit of twenty minutes and teams had to work quickly and strategically in completing their tasks within the allocated time. “We had to work with speed and accuracy in order to maximize the time which we had to complete the tasks at each station”, explains Alex Mutua, Team Simba team leader.

Notably, the team’s focus and discipline enabled them to work effectively and efficiently during the competition.

World final

All the teams demonstrated team spirit, skill and knowledge during the competition, but there was only room for two winners. The Argentinian and the Brazilian teams emerged winners and will be proceeding to the world final set to take place in Södertälje, Sweden on December 5–8, where ten teams will be competing for a cash prize of EUR 50,000 for the winner; and EUR 30,000 and EUR 20,000 for the teams that qualify for second and third place respectively.

Eight teams have so far secured their spot in the world final: Italy, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Finland, The Netherlands, Argentina and Brazil with two remaining regional finals set to take place in September.

“This was Kenya’s very first time participating in the Scania Top Team competition and we are proud of the team for coming in 5th place, emerging as the top team in Africa,” says Mansoor Kassam, Team Simba team coordinator.