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Scania partners with North Star Alliance to Support Long Haul Truck Drivers

At Scania, we believe in promoting wellness and healthy lifestyles amongst our employees and our local communities, in fulfilling our commitment to a more sustainable world. Now more than ever during this COVID-19 pandemic, our drivers need us to support them because the nature of their job means that they are constantly exposed as they move across county and country borders.

With the introduction of various measures such as curfews and restrictions on movement aimed at curbing the spread of the virus, it has limited their day-to-day operations and has also altered their general working conditions. Often on the road for hundreds of kilometres, covering long stretches of roads before getting to facilities where they can wash their hands, truck drivers stand the risk of easily contracting the virus whilst on the road.

Recently, with the announcement of imported COVID-19 cases through cross border movement of truck drivers from neighbouring countries, it has exposed the risk that the drivers are encountering as a result of limited access to the essential resources such as soap and water, masks and hand sanitizers needed to protect their health and help curb the spread of the virus.

Protecting our Transport Heroes

In light of this, Scania East Africa has partnered with North Star Alliance, an organization that provides quality healthcare to mobile workers at wellness centres they have established at hotspots along the major transport routes across the country, to distribute essential resources to our ‘Transport Heroes’. Scania has donated hand sanitizers, soap bars and reusable 3 ply masks that will be distributed to the truck drivers to protect themselves and those they interact with whilst on the road. Disposable latex gloves and medical face shields were also donated to the health care workers at North Star Alliance to protect themselves as they provide the needed care to the drivers.

Drivers are working hard transporting needed cargo across the country and beyond, and we celebrate and applaud them for their diligence and sacrifice during this trying time. They are our ‘Transport Heroes’ and we urge our counterparts in the transport industry to join us in supporting our drivers.