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The right attitude is key

Confidence, aggressiveness, networking ability and patience are skills that a good sales person should possess to close deals. Skills that enable Frashiah Muraguri, a Sales Executive at Scania East Africa to effectively sell our units to customers. “The right attitude, harnessing it with patience and confidence is advice that has encouraged me in succeeding in my role at Scania,” she explains. She also credits her success to on the job training that has enhanced her selling and negotiation skills.

Frashiah has been in the sales department ever since she got into the automotive industry. “It has been very interesting working in this industry especially as a woman. Customers are often amazed when I start explaining to them the technical details of our products and the benefits that we offer and with only a few attempting to challenge me,” she goes on to say. She believes that there is no job that a woman cannot do, and that they should not limit themselves in whatever career they want to pursue. “Today women are becoming the best aeronautical and mechanical engineers and captains of their industries and I encourage young girls to pursue careers in the automotive industry because it is an income generator just like any other career,” she encourages.

She hopes that young girls will be more confident, aggressive yet humble and have a teachable spirit because she envisions women being even greater contributors in the workplace especially in leadership roles. “We are getting confident and successful each day,” Frashiah emphasizes.

Frashiah describes herself as a business leader and she is proud to be mentoring people interested in business and using her networking skills to talk to people about health and fitness when she is not chasing and closing deals with customers at Scania.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

It’s a special day the world takes to celebrate women for the progress that they have made and continue to make in their careers, homes and in the society despite the many challenges they face.

What would you like to encourage women as we celebrate International Women’s Day?

Get out there and pursue that career that you want. Eliminate the attitude of being the ‘weaker sex’, but have an attitude that we are here to equally do our part in contributing to the success of our homes and the society.