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She Knows Your Vehicle Inside Out

Angela Kanyaa has worked as a service advisor for two years at Scania East Africa and for four years at her previous employer and she is the person you will meet when you bring your vehicle in for service, maintenance or repair at our service centre.

She knows a Scania vehicle inside out and is quick to advise customers on the best course of action for their vehicles together with the service technicians when they are brought to the workshop.

Angela will often be found up and down the workshop ensuring that customers vehicles are being attended to and that they leave the workshop in the shortest time possible. As the only woman in our after-sales department, she is not afraid of getting her hands dirty in what is considered a ‘male dominated industry’. “It’s an amazing experience being a woman working in the automotive industry, even with the pressure and work-life balance challenges that come with the job, it has opened so many opportunities for me in terms of my career growth and learning,” she explains.

Life in the Automotive Industry

As a recipient of our Employee of the Year award in 2017, Angela never imagined that she would be working in the automotive industry. She got into the industry through an apprenticeship programme she applied for after high school with one of the local automotive companies, and she has not looked back. “There are so many great opportunities for women in this industry and I would like to encourage young girls not to be afraid to pursue careers in male dominated industries. They should take up engineering courses, research on apprenticeship programmes locally available and consistently shine with exceptional performance in the various roles that they can take up in our industry,” she emphasizes.

In the next five years, Angela hopes that “women will continuously take advantage of the opportunities that are available to them and excel in these positions in order to create a culture where women are not afraid to do the things that seemed impossible to be undertaken by a woman.”

Away from Scania, Angela sings in her church choir, loves travelling and discovering new experiences. 

Celebrating International Women’s Day

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

It’s a day when women are recognized for their achievements, acts of courage and determination in social, economic and political set ups.

What three things would you like to encourage other women as we celebrate International Women’s Day?

Always put God first, take everything to Him in prayer, his grace and favour makes one stand out, take up challenges, to unleash your full potential and let’s encourage each other, be a source of inspiration to other women, be optimistic and always smile.

What are you most proud of doing?

Am proud of being able to build a personal brand and gain great experience in customer service. I owe it to God’s grace and the great mentors that I have.