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Exceeding Customer Ex­pec­ta­tionsThrough Team Spirit

For Martin Owino, it has been close to 15 years of perfecting his art in welding at Scania. As a welding technician, he describes his job as challenging, electrifying (literally) and very satisfying. For him gratification comes when a customer is happy with the output of a job. “When a customer leaves the workshop happy with the work that we have done, it makes me love what I do even more,” he explains excitedly. 

Martin’s job entails performing various welding jobs at the workshop and providing the other technicians with structures needed when repairing vehicles. He values Scania’s core value of team spirit in his day to day activities. “In ensuring a customer’s vehicle is released from the workshop in the shortest time possible, the team needs to work together,” he explains. Technicians have different areas of specialization making it crucial that they collaborate effectively at the workshop in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

In increasing the life span of a Scania vehicle, Martin advices that customers hire the right drivers and enrol them for Scania driver training and coaching to improve their driving habits. “A driver is a key person in the chain and being responsible for the condition of the vehicle, customer’s need to have the right person behind the wheel,” he advises.

Martin hopes that in the coming years, more and more young people will take up careers in the workshop and not be afraid of getting their hands dirty.

3 Questions

What is your favourite part of a Scania truck or bus?

I really admire the work that has gone into building the engine and chassis of our vehicles.  

If you could be a Scania truck or bus, which model would you be and why?

I would be a Higer bus. I like the fabrication that has been done on the bus.

Your proudest moment at Scania?

Being recognized by my bosses for my effort and hard work. It’s really motivating.