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Driving East Africa’s First New Truck Generation

Launching Scania’s New Truck Generation in East Africa on 1st November 2018 marked a special milestone for Scania in the region. But, having the first new truck generation in East Africa being driven by a woman makes it even more special.

The transport industry has for a long time been dominated by men and it is inspiring to see women taking up roles in different areas in the industry and performing ‘non-conventional’ tasks that were considered to be only for men.

Mercy Chepkirui has been driving trucks since 2017 and is currently working at Sturt Transporters driving a New Truck Generation P410 truck. Being on the road alone is something she is not afraid of, often going as far as Kasese, Western Uganda from Mombasa, covering a distance of over 3,000km to and fro.

Mercy’s thoughts on the new truck range? “It’s comfortable, very good fuel consumption, I don’t strain when changing gears and the retarder is good, reducing pressure on the brakes”, she explains.

As a young lady driving trucks, she is an inspiration, challenging other women that there is no job they cannot do. Driving trucks is just like any other job and women should not be afraid of taking up careers in the transport industry as drivers, technicians, engineers, workshop managers or fleet managers.