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Cooling It Down at Scania

Every day Samson Mutunga comes to work, there’s only one thing on his mind. “When I get to work my goal is to get the customer’s vehicle back on the road as soon as possible,” he explains.

Maximizing the uptime of our customers’ vehicles is key at Scania because we understand that the customer will get a return on their investment and maximise their business returns when the vehicle is on the road and not at the workshop. With this in mind, for every job order our technicians receive, they work extra hard in ensuring that the expected deliverables are met in the required time.

Air Con Is My Thing

Growing up, Samson always wanted to be in the automotive industry, specifically in the workshop working on vehicles. As a repair technician whose speciality is in servicing and maintaining the air conditioning system of our vehicles, Samson describes his job as fulfilling, exciting and challenging.

With the increasing demand for passenger comfort and luxury travel in buses, Samson hopes that more and more customers’ will consider having air conditioning installed in their vehicles. “Nowadays when passengers are travelling, comfort is something that they are keen on and simple things like having air con in the buses is their deciding factor which bus operators can add value to their services for their passengers,” he encourages.

Samson has been working on Scania vehicles since 2007, and his advice to customers’ in increasing the lifespan of their vehicles is to take their vehicles to Scania service centres that are fully equipped with specialized tools and have highly skilled technicians. “It’s really unfortunate when a customer takes their vehicle to a road side garage that does not have experienced technicians and specialized tools to service or repair their vehicles, not knowing the damage they are doing to their vehicles,” he emphasizes.

An avid supporter of Manchester United, Samson is fortunate to work for a company that enables him to enhance and further develop his technical skills through the various training programs offered. “I have been able to gain more knowledge and experience in the time I have worked at Scania, which has heightened my expertise in air con,” he explains.

3 Questions

If you could be a Scania truck or bus, which model would you be and why?

Definitely, the Scania Touring. The air conditioning in the bus is very good, plus its exterior and interior is just fantastic.

Which is your favourite part of a Scania truck or bus?

You know the answer to that question! The air con of course.

What advice would you give to a young lady or gentleman who would also like to be a technician?

They should embrace hard work and have a positive attitude towards their job.