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Building scaled-down models with recycled materials

A career in information technology is what Bonface Wekulo thought he would be in after campus, however his passion for building scaled-down models has led him in a different direction.

His journey began in 2014 when he got the idea that instead of importing scaled-down models from abroad which were often expensive, he would build them. “I decided that it would be more fun and cheaper to build one with recycled materials, than spend thousands of shillings importing one,” he explains.

“I built my first model in 2015 just to get the fulfilment of actually being able to create something nice and realistic with my own hands and to appreciate art in its various forms,” Bonface explains excitedly. He sees this as a unique opportunity to venture in because there are very few locally made and available scaled-down heavy commercial models.

It normally takes Bonface approximately two weeks to build a bus model with the third week set aside for electrical assembly and testing. For Bonface, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ because all his models are built using recycled materials such as plastic, metal and steel rods to support the frame of the models, foam boards for the interiors and seats and cassette pinch rollers as the wheels. “I usually use locally available materials that people see as trash to build these masterpieces,” he adds on.

He hopes to put Kenya on the map by being the first scale-down model creator in Africa focusing on heavy commercials vehicles and to be part of the many scale-down vehicle model creators in the world.