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Beat Air Pollution

5th of June marks World Environment Day worldwide, in creating awareness and as a call to action for us to protect our environment, because caring for the environment is vital for our survival.

This year’s theme is of particular importance to Scania because sustainability is at the core of what we do and because of the nature of our business, making sure we do our part in reducing air pollution is of utmost importance.

The global transport sector accounts for almost a quarter of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions and this proportion is rising. Transport emissions have been linked to nearly 400,000 premature deaths. Almost half of all deaths by air pollution from transport are caused by diesel emissions, while those living closest to major traffic arteries are up to 12% more likely to be diagnosed with dementia.

Reducing vehicle emissions is an important intervention to improve air quality, especially in urban areas. Policies and standards that require the use of cleaner fuels and advanced vehicle emissions standards can reduce vehicle emissions by 90 percent or more.

Cleaner Fuels and Emission Standards

At Scania, we are driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system because we recognize our contribution to global emissions. This is why through continuous innovation, we are introducing transport solutions and standards that will help in reducing vehicle emissions. In line with this, we are the first heavy commercial vehicle manufacturers in Kenya to introduce a truck with a Euro 5 engine in the market, which is currently on our roads. An engine that is friendly to the environment.

Locally, we are advocating for the government to introduce legislation that will govern and control vehicle emissions in reducing the level of emissions from heavy commercial vehicles. Additionally, we are encouraging our customers to use cleaner fuels and shift to purchasing vehicles with Euro 4 to Euro 5 engines.

We can make things better. Together, we can beat air pollution.