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A tough statement

Endless possibilities

The XT range comes with a series of powerful features. Driving a XT truck indicates true quality and is a sign of robustness and power.


Being part of a Mining process means always depending

on others, as others will always depend on you. Being at

the right place, at the right time is crucial in order to

build strong relationships with our customers.

In the materials

“In the construction range it's very much about heavy work, and that should be experienced in the materials we are working with. Being 'authentic' means you never compromise with the material."

Anders Lundgren

Exterior design, Scania

Setting the standard

Choosing a XT truck means getting a business partner beyond the ordinary, and it comes with the pride of carrying the XT badge. The distinctive styling with orange stitching and XT logo enforces the statement of true robustness and power.

Robust options

The many chassis, engine and cab combinations offer further choices – from gearbox options and frame strength to chassis height and suspension systems.

Safety all around

At Scania safety comes first. Safety for the driver requires a comprehensive approach to cab design and safety testing. Safety for the surroundings involves broader design and construction aspects.

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