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Heavy Tipper

Stronger than ever

Robust and reliable

Each Scania is unique. From the moment it leaves our production facilities, its journey begins to serve your unique demands, challenges and operating environments. With excellent equipment-to-payload ratio and greatly improved technical availability, the Scania Heavy Tipper can be specially tailored uniquely for your business operation. It is also designed and tested to enable outstanding durability and reliability that keeps your operation going every day.

Saftey is top priority

Operating in the harshest environments, your vehicles must deliver uncompromising safety at all times. Our trucks are rigorusly tested to meet the thoghest saftey standards in the world. Heavy Tipper offers side curtain airbag, rear-view camera and 2-circut emergency steering for maximum saftey.

Site optimisation

There’s no room for errors in your production line. Your business demands that your vehicles are on the move in every condition, at every point in the supply chain. True sustainability lies in the optimised use of avaliable resources. Together we will work towards continuous improvements and implementation to ensure optimal productivity and operating cost.

For heavy duty

Take your operation to the next level with robust workhorses, capable of hauling as much as possible, time and again. With Scania Heavy Tipper you have payload capacity up to 40 tonnes and in double trailer combination up to 220 tonnes.