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Scania India introduces SWIFT

Joining a new organization can be a daunting experience and we want to make this as easy as possible.

Our objectives are quite simple:

a) Make the new joinee feel welcomed and at home in their new office environment.

b) Familiarise them with basic processes, facilities and policies at Scania and provide an orientation on the organization structure and the key team and people.

c) Familiarize them with the Scania Way and our core values and principles.

d) Equip them with the resources and tools they need to do their jobs.

e) Communicate the value they are expected to bring to Scania and define their goals.

f) Initiate the 2-way communication process that is our hallmark at Scania India and reiterate that our doors are always open for feedback, suggestions and discussions.

g) Have a process driven standardized program to welcome, introduce, orient and induct new team members into Scania. 

With these objectives in mind, we created a special program, SWIFT (Scania World of Introduction for (New) Team Members) to give them a head start on the onboarding process. SWIFT is a comprehensive onboarding and orientation program that anticipates and covers all the information and guidance that a recruit might need.  SWIFT came into existence in 2016 after the Human Resource team identified a potential gap in the on boarding process through their analysis and feedback from new employees. 

SWIFT was created to give a holistic view of Scania’s culture and guidelines that can help them begin their journey with greater clarity. It also provides informal peer-led support goal setting and feedback. This 2-month long process is consistent and uniform across all levels in India. It comprises the following elements:

• Pre-joining communication to the recruit and internal infrastructure preparation

• The SWIFT orientation and handbook

• Role and career discussion and goal setting

• Pals

• Team introduction(Department wise as well)

• Feedback mechanism

SWIFT aims to create transparency and consistency in the onboarding process regardless of location, or level in the organization and establish the trust, alignment and engagement that we strive to nurture in our workplace. 

Here are some of the testimonials of our team members onboarded through SWFIT : 

“Swift is a very good program. Please continue this. Induction was excellent and all department heads briefed me on nature of work. They were very open and available for future discussions” Kuldeep -  New Recruit in Service Function. 

“Hiring process was very good and quick. Swift program was very informative and motivational. Hope it stays that way. Work culture is very good and so is people’s approach”  Chalapathy - New Recruit in Purchase Function.