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Indian Tuskers win the first National TOP TEAM Championship

The Winners of  first ever National TOP TEAM Championship on 24th March 2018

  • Indian Tuskers - 50000 INR and Trophy
  • Indian Rising Stars - 15000 INR
  • North Neo - 5000 INR

The idea behind Scania Top Team is simple but ingenious. Scania’s service staff develop their skills by combining training and teamwork with competition. The results benefit Scania customers by providing more effective service.

Competition cultivates team spirit. Teams of 3-5 people are set up in Scania workshops throughout the world. Everyone who works in the service area is welcome to compete. The most common contestants are service technicians, parts specialists and service advisors.

The Top Team event encourages internal collaboration and increases knowledge and motivation. And the advantages to the customer are obvious due to the sharpening of professional skills. The competition is much appreciated by staff and helps improve the attractiveness of Scania as an employer.

Completion of the exercises in the competition under tight time pressure requires much knowledge, team spirit and discipline. The format of the competition will follow the daily pattern of work, the most essential objective being to satisfy the needs of the customer.

The winning team is determined by a combined overall competence in logistics, methodology and technical knowledge, as well as a good measure of team discipline and steady nerves under pressure.

Scania Top Team begins at the team’s workshop with theoretical challenges in two parts. With the help of handbooks and other information sources, each team must answer 50 questions in each part.

The best teams go on to the national round where theoretical exercises are supplemented with  practical work. Winners of the national rounds meet at the international regional rounds. From here, only 12 teams will go on to the world finals.