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Engine Test Bench Wins Best Innovation Award 2019

The team at the Service Solutions Centre in Narasapura were awarded with the Best Innovation of 2019 during the Independence Day celebrations for their innovative Engine Test Bench. This was in lieu of the competition wherein employees were asked to create items using office waste. In a collaborative effort, the team of Service Solutions Centre & LOTS took 3 weeks to design and create the bench, which was made entirely from recycled material available at the centre. 

An engine for repairs  undergoes several tests before it is finally dispatched, such as compression testing, oil-pressure and coolant Temperature, charge air pressure ,PDE injector deviation, fuel consumption , using SDP3 ( Scania Diagnos & Programmer-3 ). An Engine Test Bench is an essential equipment that enables technicians to test engines without assembling it directly on the vehicle chassis. In the absence of one, these test are conducted by installing the engine directly on the Test bench vehicle, a cumbersome activity in itself. Each chassis engine has unique SOPS ( Scania On-board product specification ) necessary to start the engine. Using  the customised test bench SOPS we can start BS-III and BS-IV Bus, Trucks and Engines. 

The Engine Test Bench not only saves time by eliminating the dismantling and assembling process but is also safer and more cost efficient. An Engine Test Bench typically costs around 5-6 Million USD and by building one in-house using only available resources, the team executed the project in only fraction of a cost, the benefit of which will be translated to the customer as well. The faster response time, lower labour charges and higher quality levels will ensure customers get most optimised cost. This takes us a step further in our endeavour to ensure customer profitability. This Engine Test Bench is symbolic of our commitment to profitability, elimination of waste and sustainability.