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As the world continues to grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are gradually reopening and recalibrating to adapt to a new normal. While the unprecedented scenario of the previous months resulted in a nationwide lockdown, essential services and frontline workers continued to function so we could all stay safe by staying home.

Coal from mining sites across the country is supplied to power plants who ensure continuous electricity is supplied to cities and settlements so homes, businesses and hospitals can efficiently operate. Since uninterrupted power is an essential service, mining sites were buzzing with activity. Given the critical role Scania vehicles play in the supply chain process of coal to these power generation plants, our colleagues at mining sites and coal logistic hubs worked relentlessly through the lockdown to support customer operations. Their presence ensured vehicles were running at optimal capacity and uptime.

Likewise at the Scania’s Central Parts Warehouse, work went on as usual thanks to our Mining heroes who ensured we were ever ready to support our customers with the supply of genuine parts even during the crisis. The dedication and cautious bravery of all our frontline colleagues truly embodied the Scania core value of ‘Customer First’ and ‘Determination’ by providing unflinching support at their respective locations.