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Although the skip loader is present in a broad scope of construction assignments, it’s primarily linked to the waste handling business. Its flexibility to handle close quarters and confined spaces makes the skip loader the optimal partner for this task at the construction site.

A tailored example

This skip loader vehicle is an example of what a solution could look like. It is tailored specifically for a customer working as a one of waste handling company mainly operating in urban environment. They are thinking about running their own workshop and are in need of a profitable solution on how to manage it.

Scania XT-range. Featuring a sturdy one-piece steel bumper, carrying a towing pin with a capacity of 40 tonnes, head lamp protections, robust mirror casings, tailored powertrain and chassis specification to suit the operation the XT-vehicle is sure to be a robust and durable business partner.

Cab. The P-series has excellent visibility and a good boarding step height that makes it easy stepping in and out of the truck as the drivers often do.

Engine. The 9-litre 320hp, a 5 cylinder engine that offers a favourable compromise between payload capacity and engine performance.

Gearbox. Scania Opticruise, with automatic clutch, enables full driver focus on the surroundings. A perfect option in the urban driving operation and at the narrow construction sites.

Services. In terms of maintenance and repairs, a maintenance contract with flexible plans would be recommended. Combined with our Customer Workshop Services, maintenance and repairs can be done by Scania personnel in their own workshop.

Tailor your own Scania

Play around in the configurator to see what your Scania truck would look like. Use our pre-configured settings to get a closer look on the options available when tailoring your hooklift vehicle.


Keeping your priorities straight

While the nature of your operation always will affect your priorities, your industry have some focus areas in common.


For some it means carrying a heavier load, for others it is making that extra delivery. Regardless of how you define productivity, we can tailor a solution to boost yours.


With robust and high quality vehicles, together with a series of workshop services we can offer a solution that secures and improves your uptime.


We have made it our business to understand yours. That is why we have developed a series of solutions in terms of financing and insurance to meet your individual needs.


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