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More of everything

Regardless if you need to carry more, or drive longer in order to increase your revenue, we can help you succeed. Scania vehicles offer outstanding handling and stability, and can be tailored to increase your payload without compromising on performance.

Increase your payload

With our wide range of compatible components you never have to worry about compromising on robustness when maximising your payload. No matter where you are going, and what you want to carry there we can tailor a vehicle solution that will succeed in the most profitable way.

Full driver focus

Scania Opticruise, with automatic clutch, enables full driver focus on the surroundings. With its four different performance modes, Normal, Power, Economy and Off-Road, its able to cope with all kind of operations in the most fuel efficient way.

Keep track of your fleet

Including functions such as fleet positions, vehicle tracking and geofencing, Scania’s fleet management services enables you to monitor and control your fleet in the most productive way possible. Get access to real time-data and long-term trends for valuable insights on how to improve driving styles, productivity and economy.

An engine for every operation

From the lightweight inline-5 all the way to the famous Scania V8, we offer a wide range of engine alternatives, spanning from 220 up to 730 horsepowers, all with high torque-to-horsepower-ratio. Combined with world class handling and stability your vehicle are sure to attract the best drivers.


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