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Scania Works with the VTC to bring the cutting-edge Training Equipment to Nurture Vehicle maintenance Talent

Owing to the rapid development of automobile technology, as well as the increasingly stringent social and environmental requirements of the automotive industry, the training and development of personnel involved in vehicle maintenance has become even more important. However, the fact is that the global automotive industry is faced with the difficulty of a shortage of professional maintenance personnel, and the situation in Hong Kong is especially severe. Scania, as a world-leading manufacturer in truck, bus and engine, and as a stakeholder of the industry, is committed to developing sustainable transport solutions. The company understands that training talent is an essential means of reaching sustainable transport, while advanced and comprehensive training equipment is the key to success.

In view of this, Scania and the Vocational Training Council (VTC) have launched a three-year training programme. In this programme, Scania will provide new commercial vehicle training equipment that is worth HK $ 470,000. The equipment will be used at the Pro-Act Training and Development Centre (Automobile) in the VTC Kwai Chung Complex for the next three years, mainly for auto repair apprenticeship training, so as to nurture new blood for the industry. In addition, the training equipment will also support the Vocational Training Council in their future public training courses and lectures that present the latest vehicle maintenance information and technology, to enhance the technical level of the industry and to meet the rapid development of automobile technology.

The aforementioned training equipment is based on the Scania flagship R-series truck. It includes a complete set of Instrument Panels (Dashboard), as well as Engine, Gearbox, Brake, Body, Electrical and Suspension Management Systems among others. This set of training equipment has the advantage of being able to show all the elements and components that the system possesses in a 2-D manner, and also show the connections between and among all the components (such as signals and circuits, etc.) in a clear and easy way, thereby facilitating the effective and comprehensive teaching of automotive technologies. In addition, the latest Euro 6 emission standards are applied to the equipment to help teach the relevant knowledge and technology of Euro 6 (one of the world's most stringent emission standards), laying the foundation for the future implementation of the Euro 6 emission standards in Hong Kong.

It was a pleasure for us to invite Mr. TAI Tak Him, Deputy Director (Trading) of the Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, Mr. Mok Wai-chuen, Assistant Director (Air Policy) of the Environmental Protection Department, Mr. Carl-Fredrik Zachrisson, Managing Director of Scania (Hong Kong) Limited, Ir Dr. Eric Liu, Academic Director (Engineering) of Vocational Training Council and Dr. Ringo Lee, Chairman of the Institute of the Motor Industry Hong Kong, to jointly officiate at the Opening and Signing Ceremony for this set of the latest commercial vehicle training equipment. The ceremony kicked off our bilateral cooperation. All of the parties expect this partnership to provide a full range of maintenance standards for the industry, and to nurture more talented young professionals for the local automotive industry.


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