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Volkswagen Group Announces Partnership of two Commercial Vehicle Brands

Scania (Hong Kong) Limited Partners as Sales Agent of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles


Hong Kong – Volkwagen Hong Kong Limited officially appoints Scania (Hong Kong) Limited as a sales agent of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, responsible for the commercial and fleet sales in Hong Kong.

Scania and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles are both members of the Volkswagen Group. As one of the most prominent brands in the Hong Kong commercial vehicle market, Scania’s alliance with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will mark a significant milestone in the company’s continued expansion in the region

Moreover, Scania has also tested autonomous vehicles, platooning and electrified highways in Sweden, and has provided the broadest solutions for alternative fuels in the market. All in all, it showcases Scania is truly driving the shift towards sustainable transport system. By introducing the New Truck Generation, Scania aims to offer the trucks with best operating economy in the industry for our customers and provide our society with the most extensive sustainable transport solutions.