“You’re building a solid foundation for the future”

“You’re building a solid foundation for the future”

Scania Student Intro, summer job, degree project and graduate trainee programme. That was Christofer’s route into Scania. As he liked both the people and tasks previously, the graduate trainee programme at Scania seemed like a good continuation after graduating. Christofer has an MSc in mechanical engineering from the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, specialising in computational mechanics.

“I applied to be a graduate trainee at R&D, mechanical design. Here I benefited greatly from what I learned, such as studying data and drawing conclusions, handling input from customers and analysing it. That’s a good bridge between marketing and design.”

Internship in England

“Scania assumes great responsibility for promoting development,” says Christofer Bitzekis.

“Scania assumes great responsibility for promoting development,” says Christofer Bitzekis.Gustav Lindh

During the programme, Christofer tried everything from measurements and strength tests to marketing work with a lot of customer contact in Loughborough in the UK. Today he is employed as a quality engineer at Bus, focusing on city buses.

“Here I work on field quality, quality levels and improvements in rolling vehicles. We measure data to check stresses and strength, and I have a lot of contact with distributors and other customers.”

The biggest advantages of the graduate trainee programme are the opportunity to try out a number of different positions, getting to know so many people and understanding different environments and groups.

“You get a great overview and understanding of how we are all working towards a common goal. We understand how others’ gears mesh with the whole.”

The only drawback, or rather something that you just have to accept, is that as a graduate trainee you are new on the job for 14 months. In return, you get unique insight and experience.

Diversity evident

In Christofer’s graduate trainee group, the split between men and women was roughly equal. His overall impression is that Scania is characterised by diversity and equality.

“There are lots of people from different countries and backgrounds. A lot of languages are spoken and diversity is evident throughout the company.”

“You feel that we are all working towards a common goal” says Christofer Bitzekis.

“You feel that we are all working towards a common goal” says Christofer Bitzekis.Gustav Lindh

Scania drives development

Scania buses are at the forefront of development in terms of alternative fuels. For Christofer, environmental initiatives are a significant part of his everyday life.

“We have just started on hybrid buses and have been using both ethanol and gas for a while. Scania assumes great responsibility for promoting development. Environmental considerations are always involved, at both vehicle and office level. We are involved in Earth Hour, for example, and are constantly reviewing energy savings for the entire company.”

Looking abroad

In ten years, Christofer hopes he will still be at Scania. Hopefully, he will have built a solid foundation and delved into how the products look in the field. Preferably in a leadership role that combines engineering and marketing, and that is both challenging and stimulating.

“I would also love to spend some time abroad. I don’t mind which country. I’m open to most things. It’s the experience that is important.”