YETD: Ukraine vs. Romania

YETD: Ukraine vs. Romania

The YETD final is bound to be an exciting competition where both newcomers and seasoned veterans will show off their truck driving skills. This year’s lineup consists of drivers with various backgrounds and skills – all of which will be tested thoroughly. 

Denis Terendiy Ukraine

Denis Terendiy, Ukraine.

Ionut Tolescu Romania

Ionut Tolescu, Romania.











Denis Terendiy from Ukraine has had a passion for vehicles since childhood and his knowledge of trucks is not to be underestimated. He excels in the Reverse Z and Knock the King challenges and has plenty of manoeuvring experience. His daily work tasks have provided him with considerable confidence for the YETD final.

Ionut Tolescu from Romania has driven a vast array of trucks over the past 12 years. He developed his manoeuvring skills while driving on the narrow streets of Milan and his strongest area is the Reverse Z challenge. Tolescu is very determined and says that he will do his very best to win!