YETD: Slovenia vs. France

YETD: Slovenia vs. France

The YETD final is bound to be an exciting competition where both newcomers and seasoned veterans will show off their truck driving skills. This year’s lineup consists of drivers with various backgrounds and skills – all of which will be tested thoroughly. 

Matej Ojohak Slovenia

Matej Ojohak, Slovenia

Stephen Lacombe France

Stephen Lacombe, France











Matej Ohojak from Slovenia has been driving trucks for nine years and he participated in YETD 2012. He considers eco and defensive driving his strongest skills and his job also involves navigating narrow streets. Ohojak says cargo securing is his greatest challenge but he promises to do the best that he can.

Stéphen Lacombe from France has taken part in several previous competitions and is one of the more seasoned veterans of this year’s YETD participants. He has been driving for 14 years and regards manoeuvring and eco-driving as his two strongest areas. Regulations, traffic laws and first aid are his weakest disciplines.