YETD Final

YETD final – time for the first day of competition

Twenty-four of Europe’s best young truck drivers will begin their battle to win Scania’s Young European Truck Driver (YETD) competition today at Scania in Södertälje, Sweden. The winner will be decided on Saturday after the precision driving event featuring the top three finalists.

Friday’s events include:

Fuel economy driving

The objective of this event is to demonstrate maximum productivity. Contestants must drive their vehicles over a given distance using the least amount of fuel in the fastest time possible without exceeding applicable road regulations.

Check before driving

This event highlights the importance of checking the vehicle before beginning a haul. Contestants must identify a number of road safety deviations on a tractor unit with trailer within 10 minutes.

Cargo securing

In this event, drivers must prevent inadequate cargo securing that often results in the loss of goods, delays and, at worst, accidents. Contestants must display good knowledge in securing cargo through a practical test.

Rescue and fire

This event measures the contestants’ ability to act quickly and correctly in an emergency situation. A basic knowledge of lifesaving techniques and how to extinguish fires is essential.

Start order

Group 1, starts with fuel economy driving
1. José Rodriguez de Hoz, Spain
2. Gorazd Možina, Slovenia
3. David Duskanich, Austria
4. Brian Poulsen, Denmark
5. Tom Boudewijns, Belgium
6. Gabriel Warde, Ireland

Group 2, starts with cargo securing
7. Roman Vyhonský, Slovakia
8. Ernst-Jan Nyffeler, Switzerland
9. Gareth Thomas, United Kingdom
10. Tabouratzis Vassilis, Greece
11. Janne Hötti, Finland
12. Dmitrey Semenov, Russia

Group 3, starts with rescue and fire
13. Petr Kopeckỹ, Czech Republic
14. Wojciech Kobierowski, Poland
15. Edy De Rocco, Italy
16. Patrik Segeman, Sweden
17. Martijn Otter, Netherlands
18. Jordan Simeonov, Bulgaria

Group 4, starts with check before driving
19. Zoltán Simon, Hungary
20. Martin Stødle, Norway
21. Vasco Fernando de Lima Coimbra, Portugal
22. Stephen Lacombe, France
23. Mihai Turdean, Romania
24. Thomas Fensel, Germany

Group image of contestants.

Group image of contestants.